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Introducing  The Radical Introspection Supervision Framework:

IIn a world of increased demand for mental health services, the Radical Introspection Supervision Framework allows you to  empower your team, nurture growth, and deepen your practice.

The Radical Introspection Supervision framework is an approach to clinical supervision that utilizes writing prompts to incorporate mindfulness, values work, reflective practice and other self enhancing principles into supervision and clinical practice.

The current social climate is marked by challenges, uncertainties, and a growing need for compassionate mental health services.


As clinical leaders, it's vital to equip your team to rise to the occasion. The Introspective Journal: Therapist Edition is your secret weapon to empower your clinicians, foster a culture of growth, and ensure they deliver the best care possible.

Why Choose the Introspective Journal: Therapist Edition?


Benefits for Clinical Directors, Clinical Supervisors, and Group Practice Owners:

  • Professional Development: Elevate your team's professional development with a tailored tool that fosters self-awareness, authenticity, and expansive growth.

  • Onboarding and Orientation: Seamlessly incorporate the journal into onboarding orientations and ongoing clinician development programs to cultivate a culture of introspection and excellence.

  • Clinical Supervision: Equip your clinical supervisors with a resource to guide their supervisees in self-awareness and growth, with a focus on navigating the complexities of intersectionality and social identity in client-therapist interactions. Your supervisory team can play a critical role in ensuring quality care that respects every client's unique journey.

  • Guiding Framework: Utilize our optional guiding framework to streamline the introspective process and enhance the professional growth of your clinicians.



We're in a moment where we need more clinicians than ever, and they must be well-prepared to address the myriad of intersectional and identity-related factors that come into play.

Benefits for Individual Therapists:

  • Unleash Authentic Connection: Dive into over 30 thoughtfully crafted prompts and personal reflections that guide you to the core of authentic, expansive, and effective therapeutic relationships.

  • Tailored for Therapists: This journal is purpose-built for therapists, by therapists. It understands your unique journey and speaks your language.

  • Flexible and Versatile: Use it on your own or pair it with our guiding framework to empower your introspective practice.



What You'll Achieve with the Radical Introspection Framework:

  • Clarity: Gain insight into your inner world, helping you make more profound connections with your clients.

  • Confidence: Build confidence in your therapeutic skills and decision-making.

  • Authenticity: Deepen your authenticity, allowing you to connect on a more profound level with those you serve, acknowledging their intersectional identities and unique experiences.

  • Courage: Cultivate the courage to explore new horizons in your practice, pushing the boundaries of your potential.


Start your journey to becoming an exceptional therapist with the power of introspection. Empower your introspective practice, nurture meaningful therapeutic relationships,

High quality, richly colored journals to capture your supervisees' personal reflections on their clinical experiences.

Competent, caring supervisors:
  • Create safe and developmentally appropriate spaces for supervisee's growth.
  • Support supervisees in every step of their professional development journey.
  • Effectively  balance supervisee personal development  while maintaining ethical boundaries.
We've got just the right questions for you to ask and our program takes the guess work out of knowing exactly WHEN to ask them.
mid close.black_edited.jpg

As a therapist and clinical supervisor like you, I have wondered...

B. Nilaja Green, PhD

...beyond endless treatment planning books, conferences and journal articles telling us

to use this or that new evidence based technique,

where are the tools that help us to develop ourselves and how do we incorporate those tools into supervision while maintaining boundaries?

I created an award winning writing group for providers which led to answering that question through the creation of the Radical Introspection Clinical Supervision Method.

Authenticity requires self -knowledge, not

merely self awareness, which mean we create REAL relationships with ourselves.

Supervisees are just learning to develop this self relationship.

Our first responsibility is to do no harm. Without self knowledge, at worst we can create harm, at best,  our work becomes ineffective.

Consistent reflection and introspection (through writing and other means), nurtures one of the essential ingredients to effective and eventually, masterful therapy... the person of the therapist.

Our tools outline specific ways to help you help your clinical supervisees navigate their 

inner journey so they can show up more 

confidently, competently and courageously

in each therapy encounter.

"What is the therapist's most valuable instrument?...the therapist's own self...therapists must show the way to patients by personal modeling."

- Irvin Yalom

What your colleagues are saying...

Confident Woman

J. Amber, Clinician

"Just received my Introspective 'Therapist Edition' Journal created by DrNilaja Green!  Can I just say this is a very thoughtful journal for us clinicians, and it’s pretty dope!"

Making Notes

S. Anderson, Psychologist

" Sending up gratitude for a colleague with vision and compassion. Intropsectivejournaling so I can say #iamasupershrink."

Shadow Profile Portrait

D. Webb, Psychologist

" This is dope! I will definitely use this to reflect on my practice and share with my students. "

Woman at a Desk

R. Koepp, Psychologist

"This is so great! It's like having your best supervisor in your pocket."

Facilitating extraordinary inner work
for exceptional therapy.



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