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  • Who is this journal for?
    Clinicians at all levels will benefit from the guided prompts in this journal. Trainees and novice therapists will begin the process of understanding why using the self is crucial in therapy; mid career professionals can re-orient themselves to their "why" and experts can use the prompts to reflect on their years of practice.
  • Can I use this journal in supervision or with trainees?
    Yes! In fact, marriage & family, social work, counseling, psychology trainees and psychiatry residents can all benefit from this journal. It is actually more workbook/personal development guide than journal and is a great foundation to thoughtful and effective therapeutic work.
  • What are the features of this journal?
    This journal is/includes: - hard cover - faux leather - high quality paper - pen loop - contains 30+ guided prompts & blank pages - comes with its own metal executive pen
  • Can I order in bulk?
    Absolutely! We love bulk orders and suggest buying several at once especially for group practices. They can be given as gifts and also used in supervision.
  • What is your return policy?
    We really hope you love the product, but if for some reason it is not to your liking, we will make every effort to remedy the problem and it we cannot fix it, we will return your money to you once we have received the original product in its packaging.
  • I have more questions! Who can I contact?
    We want to be as clear as possible. Reach out to us here:
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