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Stand Up Meeting

You are on your way to becoming an amazing therapist.

You went to graduate school because  you want to help people.

You know your clients suffer with emotional and psychological pain

and you believe that relevant, effective, clinical techniques plus a warm, genuine, therapy relationship filled with unconditional positive regard  decrease distress and increase life satisfaction.

You want to be effective:

  • To know which techniques to call upon when

  • To know how to have those challenging conversations 

  • To go beneath the surface of the problems clients present to you

You want to  feel more confident, courageous and clear:

  • To know that you can hold your boundaries,

  • To collaborate effectively with clients and

      do no harm.

  • To feel more sure about what you do know, knowing that you have so much to learn.

  • To trust yourself more so you feel less like an imposter and more authentically confident.

You also know that you are supposed to gain these skills in clinical supervision.

But sometimes that weekly hour or two isn't enough and you want more.

Hello, to the Radical Introspection Supervision Method.

We've designed a program and products with you in mind.

Pile Of Books

Radical Introspection for Clinical Trainees: The course

A course for clinical supervisees who want to feel competent, confident and courageous in the therapy room.

You will learn:

  • How to begin sessions

  • To effectively use supervision and/or peer consultation

  • Self compassion practices

  • To balance the  "compassionate critic" & "courageous champion"​

  • To reduce Imposter syndrome & client harm 

  • The connection between your “stuck points” and your clients’ progress

  • To develop self trust, not just self confidence

  • How to utilize self disclosure and vulnerability in therapy

  • Boundary setting

  • To become your ideal therapist​

  • To stay present through distress, exhaustion or uncertainty

  • Your limits

  • The Necessary Nine

  • A roadmap to address deficits and nurture strengths


Introspective Tools

These tools include:

  • The Introspective Journal: Therapist Edition with guided self reflection prompts to deepen your self awareness as a clinician

  • Downloadable resources including convenient checklists for your most common therapy encounters

    • Managing challenging client conversations​

    • Template for culturally responsive & comprehensive notetaking

    • Questions to deepen the conversation

    • MORE

  • Therapist oriented mindfulness exercises

The Introspective Tools for Clinical Supervisees

Tools to capture your personal development as you continue your professional journey.

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