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New Product Alert!: Mantras for Moving On: 53 Life Affirmations for Survivors available NOW!

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Transform Your Healing Journey with Our Affirmation Card Deck 

Unveil the power within you to heal, inspire, and cultivate hope with our unique Affirmation Card Deck. Designed for trauma survivors, each of the 53 cards is a beacon of strength, adorned with captivating artwork and a heartfelt affirmation. 

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Confident Businesswoman

Transformative Training for Today's Clinician & Clinical Supervisors
​            We create innovative clinician development tools for                     transformative work.

Do you want to:

  • Equip your clinicians with tools for gaining confidence, flexibility and mindfulness skills?

  • Be a confident, responsive & relevant clinical supervisor?

  • Increase professional success as an early career therapist?

We help clinical supervisors and program directors who want a step by step clinician development framework, feel confident, self assured and clear about supporting supervisee growth.

Transformative supervision

Help supervisees nurture the essential characteristics of effective therapists and therapy relationships

Strengthen clinical foundation

Bolster foundational clinical skills often left out of graduate training programs, including:  cultural responsiveness, boundary setting and low confidence,  so you can get onto the more advanced clinical lessons.

clinical tools to support client growth

Tools for therapy clients designed by therapists to extend the work of therapy into their everyday lives.

Our FREE GIFT to you  to help with those pesky progress notes!

Frequently, we hear the same questions from supervisors and supervisees with progress notes:

What do you say? How do you say it?
How much is too much information?
How do you incorporate identity and culture into  notetaking and case conceptualization?

We've thought about these questions and have an answer:

Download your free Progress Notes Template today!

"Your job, no matter what side of the therapy encounter you are on,

is to fully show up to the process, with willingness, acceptance

and a relentless pursuit of all

that interrupts healing and recovery."

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