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The Introspective Journal

Therapy Notebook for Clients

The Introspective Journal

In-Session Notes for Therapists

Great gift for therapists AND supervisees

Great gift

for therapists & supervisees!!

"Some therapists are just better."

- Dr. Chantal Marie Gagnon, Ph.D., LMHC

Learn what a Super Shrink is...

Empower Yourself. Improve your Practice.

Supershrinks know that feedback, reflection and action are the keys to their success.

Finally! An exclusive journal for therapists by a therapist!

Dr. B. Nilaja Green, Phd, Licensed Clinical Psychologist created Introspective Journal: Therapist's Edition especially for psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, LMFTs, graduate students and other mental health professionals to deepen self awareness and improve clinical practice.


Imagine your peer consultation group, and therapist rolled up into a journal small enough to fit into your bag.


Your distinctive journal features:


-  Therapist oriented, reflective writing prompts (and more) to guide you in your work with clients and to help you remember your motivations, inspirations and growth points. 

-  A customized Self Care Action plan template, which breaks down the 4 essential components of self care to 

help you stave off burnout and compassion fatigue

-  A year's worth of easy to use Self Care Trackers to give you a weekly snapshot of how often you put your own needs on your to do list. The charts are not dated, so you can start anywhere!

-  Blank sheets included for private reflections and musings.

-  Printed on 192 pgs of high quality  90GSM Premium Ivory paper with richly gilded or specialty color edges

-  Earth friendly Faux leather hardcover with French groove accent in three color varieties

-  Durable elastic pen holder and book band so you never lose your pen and don't have to worry about your journal opening on its own

-  Beautiful satin ribbon bookmark to hold your place

-  Each journal comes in tamper proof shrink wrap

LIMITED TIME OFFER with journal purchase:  get your complimentary,  one of a kind metallic IJ pen in gunmetal gray, pure silver or bright gold in its own exquisite velvet pen holder 


I am a therapist just like you...

B. Nilaja Green, PhD

...beyond endless treatment planning books and journal articles telling us to use this or that new evidence based technique, where are the tools that help us to develop ourselves?

The more efficacy studies our fields conduct, the more they confirm the importance of the therapeutic relationship. 


And that relationship is determined by the therapist just as much as the client(s)

sitting before us.

Authentic relationships with clients begin with  an authentic relationship with Ourselves. 

Authenticity requires self -knowledge, not

merely self awareness.

We can't afford not to know about ourselves because our blind spots can cause trouble.


As therapists, we are held to a higher standard.

Our first responsibility is to do no harm. Without self knowledge, at worst we can create harm, at best,  our work becomes ineffective.

Consistent reflection and introspection (through writing and other means), nurtures one of the essential ingredients to effective and eventually, masterful therapy... the person of the therapist.

"What is the therapist's most valuable instrument?...the therapist's own self...therapists must show the way to patients by personal modeling."

- Irvin Yalom

What your colleagues are saying...

Confident Woman

J. Amber, Clinician

"Just received my Introspective 'Therapist Edition' Journal created by DrNilaja Green!  Can I just say this is a very thoughtful journal for us clinicians, and it’s pretty dope!"

Making Notes

S. Anderson, Psychologist

" Sending up gratitude for a colleague with vision and compassion. Intropsectivejournaling so I can say #iamasupershrink."

Shadow Profile Portrait

D. Webb, Psychologist

" This is dope! I will definitely use this to reflect on my practice and share with my students. "

Woman at a Desk

R. Koepp, Psychologist

"This is so great! It's like having your best supervisor in your pocket."

Facilitating extraordinary inner work for exceptional therapy.







"Write what should not be forgotten."